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About Thred

Thred is a consumer-focused search and discovery platform for NFTs. We are currently in beta.

Thred’s platform is open, agnostic, and trustworthy. Thred provides a vital connection hub for digital asset creators and people interested in acquiring NFTs that are relevant to their lives and that they might like to own.

Using Thred, people can search, read, and contribute reviews of digital asset collections, free or paid, that can be acquired, sold, or traded as an NFT, from digital artworks, trading cards, music, memes, branded assets, games, memorabilia, access passes and other collectables.

Thred’s platform is infinitely scalable and uses blockchain data and machine learning to rank the value, trustworthiness, and desirability of digital assets on a daily basis.

Thred community members can rate and review any NFT collection. Thred verifies every submission to notify users which contributions are from verified owners and which are not. This verification process creates transparency and supports the growth of a community built on trust.

Our Team

Thred was founded in 2022 by former Starbucks and Amazon executive Ben Straley, who previously founded and successfully exited two other startups. Thred’s team has advanced engineering, data science, blockchain, and personalization expertise from global companies including Amazon, Starbucks, and Disney.

Our Investors

Thred has raised $3.5M from investors including Valor Ventures, Kindergarten Ventures, and Augeo.

Learn More

Join us on Discord, and follow us on Twitter. You can also reach us through this a link.